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Revolutions in Public Practice

Watch live streaming video from creativetime at livestream.com

FEAST Brooklyn was honored to participate in the Creative Time Summit 2: Revolutions in Public Practice the weekend of October 9–10 in NYC. Curated by Nato Thompson, the two day summit brought together 40 international artists, curators, and thinkers working within the field of socially engaged art practices. FEAST was asked to present in the Food section (after our friends inCUBATE in Chicago) and our presentation can be viewed here. All the participants were incredible and are working on vital social projects. Take a look!

Sustainable Practice: Artists Defining a New Model, a panel discussion

This panel discussion aims to identify ways in which artists can navigate, and possibly re-position themselves and their practice during this changing economy. The question of “what’s next?” looms on the horizon as the economic and social structure of the art world shifts beneath our feet. But what exactly are we standing upon, and is it worthwhile for artists to maintain?

Check it out here.
(we start at around 25 minutes)

The Third Feast

The Third Feast
by Mary Speaker

We were the first ones here. We made sacrifices,
and we made ourselves comfortable. Our boredom
was not a topic of conversation. We redeemed each other
and so did not need to be saved and so we were saved.

We cashed in our friendships for two-person love.
We were told there would be others. We went
to find them, found no one. In the interim, we learned
to forage.We found supplies, which ran thin, so we formed

factions. For protection, for love, for comfort
against the other factions. Our scales went from one to ten.
We were of average height with extraordinary variations.
Our families were rich and fecund absences.

In the summertime, cloudscapes never failed
to entertain us. Daily our uncertainties rose up,
and we withdrew. We went behind the barn alone.
Climbed trees, drank. Built our forts and invited others

inside and made them leave when it suited us.
We invented systems of belonging that felt
valuable enough that we would want them.
We discarded each one as it revealed its flaws.

We wanted a new system. We wanted
a victory we would never be ashamed of.
We spoke in basements and kitchens.
We received gifts and we gave them away.

Suddenly, our hands were filled.
We laughed with our mouths open.