Presenter FAQ

“I met a lot of new great people — who signed up for updates about my project, it was a great chance for friends to rally about, and I met some really interesting other artists who were presenting”
–Former FEAST Proposal Artist

Congrats! Your application has been accepted. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your project.

You must have a representative with any materials related to your project at Church of the Messiah (129 Russell St.) the day of FEAST no later than 4:45pm and must stay until 8pm when we announce the grantee.

Please spread the word to your friends. Tickets are first come, first serve at the door. We ask for a donation of $20.

How long is it?
FEAST is from 5–8pm.

Do we need to buy tickets?
No. Presenters do not need tickets. When you arrive check in with the front desk and we’ll show you your presentation space and give you a name tag.

Will we address the audience? Is it a projected presentation?
No. There is no formal presentation to the audience. You’ll have space at a table on the stage to talk with attendees throughout the evening … think science fair.

Our wish is that you will speak about your project with everyone attending. Hopefully this will allow you to gain new connections and learn about your project from another point of view. *** We encourage you to post a “wish list” of any non-monetary items or services you may need help with (i.e. space, specific tools and supplies, volunteers, etc.) You never know — someone may have just what you need. ***

Will our proposals be printed?
Yes. Your proposals will be printed and posted in two places, and we’ll give you a copy for your table display. All the proposals will be posted on-line later this week.

Do you know the approximate length of the table we’ll present on?
Half a “church table.” Approximately 4 ft.

Do we have access to electrical outlets to plug laptops or other electrical devices?
Yes. We have extension cords running all over the place.

Will there be wireless internet there?
No. Sorry, the church is off-line. :(

Will we have space to play some audio clips?
If you brought headphones or something, that might work. The event is a dinner party. Generally there’s a lot of din between the people chatting and the music playing. You’re certainly welcome to bring whatever and see if you can make it work, but it has proven difficult in the past.

Are there any types of material you would recommend using during presentations?
Again, think science fair. A take-away may help voters remember your project. Be creative, we can probably accomodate you. Also, consider that FEAST is an art & food event.

Should you win a grant:
What if we don’t finish our project in 12 weeks? Do we still have to come to the next FEAST?
Yes! If you win, you must come to the following FEAST. You should present artifacts and evidence of your completed project, or if you haven’t finished / it is an on-going project, present your progress. It is very informal, but definitely required.

Let us know if you have any questions and good luck!