Sample / Call for Proposals

April 14 FEAST: Cultural Labor

Brooklyn’s FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) will hold its 13th event on April 14th, 2012 at the Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We are accepting project applications around the theme of Cultural Labor. The deadline for applications is March 29th at 11:59pm.

As we look forward to the coming month of May, two distinct but overlapping commemorations are on our minds: the ancient festivities of the May Day holiday that celebrate the rebirth, growth, and potential of spring and the more historically recent International Workers’ Day, honoring those whose labor produces the social and material world we inhabit year round. The record-breaking warmth of the winter has softened the seasonal distinctness of this year’s spring. Yet the ever-increasing uncertainty and inequality generated by the contemporary labor market—in the arts and  otherwise—has fortified the second significance of May Day. In an era when the logic of austerity increasingly favors private profits over public goods and social networking technology makes us all creators of cultural products, what it means to work or to be a worker under our current conditions remains an open-ended question.

For our next FEAST, we welcome your explorations and interventions concerning the position of Cultural Labor in our communities. In a changing and often immaterial landscape, how do we continue to reshape, revalue, and reclaim our production and labor? For those of us whose labor is explicitly artistic, cultural, or communal, how do we effectively incorporate the material histories of May Day into our present practices? FEAST Brooklyn welcomes project proposals that address the idea of Cultural Labor whether literally or figuratively.

If you are not familiar with FEAST — please read our about page. Thanks and good luck! We look forward to another round of great proposals.

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How to Submit a Proposal

Deadline: March 29, 11:59pm

In an e-mail, put only your project’s name in the subject line and answer these questions:

Title: What is your project’s name?

Summary: Describe your project in 250 words or less. Consider your use of the budget, how this project will manifest itself, how it addresses the theme of amplification, and its significance within a community—however you decide to define community.

One sentence each:

Budget: How much will you need to do this (up to $1000)?

Timeframe: How long is this going to take?

Location: Where will this take place?

Attach one image (2mb or less) and any relevant URLs.

E-mail your proposal to: [deadline has past]

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Proposals are evaluated on these terms:

Artistic Innovation

Community Impact


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Please note: Due to an increase of applications, FEAST may not be able to include every proposal. Thoroughly review your submission for spelling and grammar. Poorly composed submissions will be disregarded.

Artists who submit proposals must be present at the April 14th FEAST to appear on the ballot.

Should you win an grant, you must attend the following FEAST to discuss the progress of your project.