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Winner! Urban Homesteading Project

Awarded $200 FEAST grant

UHP GREENpoint (2009)

Recycled structures made out of plastic bottles containing plants were hung on fences and installed in empty “green” spaces on the sidewalks on an industrial street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We collaborated with residents and local businesses to collect bottles, build the structures and care for the plants.

In a neighborhood that suffers from environmental degradation and a lack of designated public space for a cooperative “greening” efforts, UHP – GREENpoint* is an opportunity for a community of residents, business owners and artists to make an impact on the environment in which we live and work. UHP – GREENpoint seeks to encourage grassroots, collective solutions to neighborhood issues, and to promote a larger dialogue about the ways in which waste management and environmental sustainability may be addressed through direct action.

Urban Homesteading Project