Winners! Cairo & Grand Rapids


The International Day of Soup was a smashing success! Project organizers from FEAST Brooklyn, FEAST Mass, Philly Stake, and Sunday Soup Chicago hosted over 100 diners on October 1st, 2011 to raise a grant in support of the wolrdwide and ever-growing meal-based micro-granting network.

By the end of the night, we had raised $2000. As this was more than we had even planned for, we decided to award $1500 to the winner and $500 to the proposal that came in second place.

The winning proposal came from Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt where organizer Ania Szremski is starting a new micro-granting program. Check out the proposal video below.

The second place proposal came from Sunday Soup in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the organizers will collectively decide with the meal-goers there what to do with the money. Their (highly entertaining) proposal is below.

Overall, ten groups of organizers applied for the grant. All of their proposals are worth a second look. You can find them all here.

A big, hearty thank you to the following folks:

  • Portland Stock, FEAST Tampa Bay, and Michele from Cosa Bolle in Pentola for Skyping in live to give toasts during the event.
  • Ruben Henriquez for his amazing photobooth.
  • Julia Gualtieri and Walker Mettling for screenprinting our aprons.
  • Walter Youngblood of KINGLeche Crèmes for his goat milk ice cream.
  • Nato Thompson and Creative Time for organizing Living as Form and inviting us to participate.

Int’l Soup Network Dinner organizers — we couldn’t all fit into the frame! (Photo: Ruben Henriquez)